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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

What blokes names REALLY mean..............University Tested

Aaron - ugly but hung like a horse. prone to belly button fluff.
Adam - cute, funny and needs a bath.
Adrian - usually short and very horny, watches cartoons.
Alan - shy but sensitive, gets screwed over by women.
Alex - cute and short but a liar and a cheat.
Alistair - amazingly hilarious and gets all the chicks. Pecker is fat.
Andy - gorgeous but a smooth talking liar.
Andrew - gay, gorgeous and still has a smooth talking liar.
Antonio - has a great body and beautiful skin, and chicken brain.
Anthony - great guy and kind to all girls, smells of weed.
Arnold - loser.
Arthur - hung like a slave and celibate.
Barry - lights fires, pinches girls bottoms and is well hung
Ben - funny and can be real difficult to beat at games.
Bob - quiet and unpopular, eats with his hands.
Brad - thinks everyone likes him...but they don't.
Brandon - good looking but uses girls.
Brendan - quiet and sweet, gets beaten up all the time.
Brett - world wide slut and really insensitive, women love him.
Brian - mean and only thinks of himself, no he's not the Messiah he's
just a naughty boy.
Bryan - sexy, but stupid - can't spell.
Bronsen - annoying and never grows up - has a stupid name.
Bruce - stinks bad and thinks everyone else's name is also Bruce.
Bryce - fun to be with and will make you laugh, you'll kill him within
Calvin - immature in a naive way, drives a Gemini.
Cameron - thinks he's funny...he's not, falls asleep during sex.
Carson - fun to be around and really sensitive.
Chad - cute, sensitive and very studly - only found in American movies
no real person has that name.
Chris - can't pull, will pay for women, but has a huge pecker and can
use it too.
Christian - very sexy and seductive, but people think he is too religous.
Clark - hilarious and always in trouble, problem with 'jailbait'.
Clayton - very sweet and adores girls, but very superficial.
Cole - nice, funny, and fun to be around.
Colin - quiet but experienced (know what I mean?).
Connor - lies to women and blows up public buildings.
Cory - funny but ugly, ends up running fashion magazines.
Craig - tries to fit in - he never does.
Cyril - well, Cyril. (Has he got 3 fingers or was that cecil?)
Dale - Charming , but sleeps with men.
Damon - total loser in a sweaty sort of way.
Dan - weird and becomes easily addicted to narcotics.
Dane - weird but can hold together a conversation with a mermaid.
Daniel - enjoys root vegetables in every orifice
David - hotty and works out a lot, loves girls named florence.
Dave - always funny, intelligent, good in bed, stylish,
trendsetter - i.e. a wanker.
Dean - full of himself and thinks with his dick.
Dennis - either very nice to girls or a faggot.
Derek - has a great mummy, and blow-up doll collection.
Dominic - hilarious and will do anything to please.
Don - dickhead.
Doug - has a greasy face, drinking problem and warts.
Drew - bad-arse losers who never shuts up.
Dylan - horny bugger, who can't sing.
Dwayne - cool guy to be around if you can handle his name.
Eddie - wants too many chicks he'll never get 'cos he's an arsehole.
Eric - shy and gives good foot massages.
Erik - funny and treats girls how he wants to be treated.
Evan - a little slow but sweet, sexy, and model mental patient.
Frank - "different" - missing DNA - favours girls named Lucy.
Francis - pervert
Gareth - sweet but dresses too good to be straight.
Gary - seems charming but really just another wanker.
Gavin - likes bondage, S&M with other men.
Geoff - prefers golf to sex and war to peace.
George - barman who drinks more than he serves.
Glen - the sweetest guy - really down to earth
Graham - very hard to understand, likes group sex.
Grant - HORNY! but so sweet and you can talk to him about anything.
Greg - really sweet and feels sorry for himself.
Harvey - cute, but addicted to sex and/or drugs.
Haydn - tries hard.
Howard - likes small-breasted women and pornography (doesn't
Ian - really popular but hit with an ugly stick.
Jake - arrogant, and a slut when drunk.
Jamie - sweet, kind and always laughing.
James - organised and can be romantic.
Jason - techy, wears glasses but hung like a rhino.
Jay - very sweet when you get to know him well.
Jeff - really ugly.
Jerome - gay, but very unhappy.
Jeremy - loud and thinks that he's all that he says he is.
Jesse - unpopular and needs to move on.
Jack - stupid but hot. Always alright.
Jimmy - sweet, has fantasies of love and affection.
Joe - built like a bear, sexy but tends to lose his head.
John - has no friends or life - tends to kill small animals.
Jonathon - think he's good - he's shite.
Jordan - sexy but weird in bed.
Jose - hot boy with a love of hermaphrodites.
Josh - full of himself, fun.
Junior - hotty and totally good at football.
Justin - aggravating but lovable, insecure but successful.
Kain - the sexiest guy alive but very stuck up.
Karl - likes doing it in German army uniforms, can't spell.
Kevin - can never get a girlfriend.
Keith - good person to talk to when you have a problem - but his is
always worse.
Kenneth - very, very...anything you want him to be.
Kim - very understanding and caring, feels lost in Korea.
Kieren - Sleeps around and doesn't come home when he should.
Kurt - can kick anyone's arse.
Ky - see Kain.
Kyle - hornball who eats too many cornchips.
Larry - cute but wannabe player with big arse.
Laurey - short and funny looking.
Lee - girl dressed up as a boy, total arse bandit.
Lewis - lonely, sad git, bit of a tosser.
Liam - loud mouthed arsehole, normally found in rock bands and pubs.
Lorenzo - fine and dresses in stolen gold.
Louie - unconventional, wise and annoying.
Lucas - fat loser that dates other men.
Luke - seems to be sweet - but is an uncontrollable liar!
Malcolm - tall man who tends to lose his trousers.
Mark - wished girls liked him for who he is not his great looks,
sneaky bastard though.
Matt - the Fat Boy of the class, likes sweets and is full of shite.
Mike - very good looking but he'll do anything for a girl, which is
totally sweet.
Michael - the ugliest dog and he don't get any.
Nathan - stupid as hell, and tends to make others feel like he's
Nick - HORNY! but really nice - can't get past the missionary position
Neil - sweet and will do anything in this world for you, great in bed.
Oliver - likes men but is in denial.
Oscar - loser, a good name for a dog.
Owen - cute guy who is immature, and sings Welsh songs.
Patrick - drunk, drunk, drunk.
Paul - cool, calm and handsome, a quality only found in gays.
Peter - arrogant & full of himself but makes women feel like virgins.
Phillip - stupid idiot who wishes he were cool.
Reagen - ...strange.
Rhys - had his mind stolen by aliens a long, long time ago.
Ricky - ugly shithead who everybody hates.
Rikki - see above.
Richard - can't stop wanking and has more wet dreams than anybody.
Rob - small and ugly...everybody hates him.
Ross - total loser and computer genius.
Rupert - arrogant t*** who is crap in bed but thinks he is a stud.
Russell - likes to play in the leaves which makes him an arsehole.
Ryan - short but sexy body and even sexier mind.
Sam - wannabe sex machine.
Sanjiv - alcohol distiller, bullshitter extraordinaire
Scott - has serious disabilities.
Sean - has small testicles and no friends.
Seth - so sweet to other people but is a traitor.
Shane - thinks everybody wants to shag him - he's a virgin.
Shannon - the most determined and persevering sweety in the world.
Shaun - bit of a hard bastard, thinks women love him.
Simon - likes a night out with the lads and curries. Talks testicles.
Sonny - Incredibly disorganised and always late, can be romantic on
Steve - popular and funny when looked at side-on.
Stuart - droll guy with great arse and suicidal tendencies.
Tim - hot but a bit strange, can never tell where he is.
Toby - POSH bastard.
Tom - cool but can be arrogant.
Tony - hot, sweet, and totally fun to be around.
Travis - fat and horny with the best XXX collection to be found.
Trevor - sweet and funny but sometimes untrustworthy.
Troy - cute and popular.
Taylor - gay.
Warren - cool, homosexual guy.
Wesley - great guy and easy to tolerate.
Will - wishes he were popular.
Winton - SNAG- Silly nagged average guy
Zach - sweet and polite and adorable.
Zahid - devious and sly. Not to be trusted

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